International Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation – CICOP, within the 4th International Conference “The Importance of Place” organize several accompanying activities

An exhibition of “Social-cultural Centres in Sarajevo” in the Sarajevo City Hall, which aims to focus the public on the buildings of social-cultural centres. These were places that were extremely present in the life of local communities during the socialist period of B&H. The buildings had an educational, cultural and entertaining function. They were mostly restored after the war in ’92 – ’95 but did not return the role and significance they had. The research has shown that they are used today for various purposes and are largely no longer involved in the cultural development of local communities. The exhibition consists of graphic presentations of the results of the research by architect Lejla Kreševljaković and of photographs of the photographer and architect Anida Krečo.


The opening of the exhibition is part of the opening event of the conference on Friday 10 October at 10:30 in Sarajevo City Hall. On the first day of the conference the entrance will be free. The exhibition will be placed in the entrance hall of the Sarajevo City Hall by Tuesday 24th October 2017.


On Saturday 21 October 2017, at 17:00 at the Meeting Point Cinema, two episodes of Al Jazeera’s series “Rebel Architecture” will be shown. After the screening, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion on the topic of socially engaged architecture with the architects: Paul Krstic, Lejla Kreševljaković, Mensur Demir and Isra Tatlic. The entrance is free.